Kontes Desain T-Shirt Kopdar Akbar Komunitas Bukalapak

Kontes Desain T-Shirt Kopdar Akbar Komunitas Bukalapak

Untuk merayakan diselenggarakannya Kopdar Akbar pertama Komunitas Bukalapak di bulan November, tim Komunitas ingin mengajak kamu untuk berpartisipasi melalui kontes desain t-shirt Kopdar Akbar Komunitas Bukalapak!
Hasil karya yang paling kreatif akan dicetak dan menjadi t-shirt official merchandise acara Kopdar Akbar Komunitas Bukalapak.
Asyik kan, desainmu langsung eksis dan berkesempatan menang hadiah keren!
Hadiah untuk 1 desain yang terpilih:
1 (Satu) unit Macbook Air 13 inch keren!
Syarat & Ketentuan:
1.    Peserta memiliki akun Bukalapak
2.    Karya asli hasil desain sendiri dan tidak pernah diikutsertakan dalam kompetisi sejenis sebelumnya.
3.    Menggambarkan elemen/tema kebersamaan, kekeluargaan, semangat Kopdar Komunitas secara kreatif.
4.    Desain tidak boleh mengandung SARA, pornografi atau melanggar hak cipta.
5.    Menggunakan kata ‘Kopdar Akbar ’, serta logo Komunitas Bukalapak yang dapat diunduh di: http://bukl.pk/LogoKomunitasBukalapak
6.    Mengirimkan file dalam bentuk Photoshop (.psd) atau Adobe Illustrator (.ai) atau JPEG dengan ukuran file hi-res.
7.    Kirimkan desainmu ke komunitas@bukalapak.com dengan subject e-mail: ‘KONTES DESAIN T-SHIRT KOPDAR AKBAR KOMUNITAS BUKALAPAK 2016’ beserta data Nama lengkap, No KTP/kartu identitas dan No telepon aktif yang bisa dihubungi.
8.    Posting karya kamu di Forum Komunitas Bukalapak dengan subject ‘Ini Desain T-Shirtku, Mana Desainmu? #KopdarAkbar’ dan beri tag Kopdar Akbar.
Kontes ini terbuka untuk publik
Masa pengiriman desain: 12 September - 7 Oktober 2016
Pemenang kontes akan diumumkan di Forum Komunitas Bukalapak ini pada tanggal 12 Oktober 2016 dan juga akan dihubungi via telepon oleh team Komunitas untuk konfirmasi lebih lanjut.
Keputusan juri adalah mutlak dan tidak dapat diganggu gugat.
Semua karya yang masuk akan menjadi hak milik Bukalapak dan dapat digunakan sewaktu-waktu untuk keperluan promosi acara dengan tetap mencantumkan nama pemilik karya.
Peserta tidak dipungut biaya dalam bentuk apapun.
Ditunggu hasil karyanya, teman-teman! grin

Tips to Lose Weight And 5 Kilo month!

Nowadays, many people, especially women who are competing to lose weight. They are trying to gain weight idealagar look more attractive.

However, not a few who felt his efforts in vain. Even weight loss be the hardest thing to do. In addition, the diet is not ideal it makes the body vulnerable to disease. As a result the diet program would be of no use.

Reported Boldsky, there are some effective ways to lose weight. By following these suggestions, can help to reduce weight by five kilos in a month. Remember, it is advisable to perform this way at night.

Consuming herbal tea

By eating warm herbal tea after dinner. Herbal tea can help eliminate lemaak in the stomach more quickly. This drink acts as an antioxidant that helps in weight loss.

To lose weight are advised to eat dinner a lot of protein. The menu is in the form of nuts, beans and the like. Protein has the ability to fight fat cells.

Light dinner

Make sure when eating dinner with a menu that is as light as salads, soups and more. This habit can accelerate the process of weight loss.

On foot

After dinner, it is advisable to take a walk or do some light exercise. These habits can help burn more calories.

Drinking mint juice

It is advisable to drink a cup of fresh mint juice without sugar after dinner. Mint is known to help you lose weight effectively.

Why Avocado and Watermelon Never Kept in refrigerator?

Most of the people have the habit of storing all the fruits and vegetables into the refrigerator. Though not all foods, especially fruits and vegetables can put the cooling container.

Avocados, one of the fruits that should not be stored in the refrigerator. Reported Womanitely, Thursday (8/9), fruit alpbukat according to most if stored in the refrigerator can preserve the fruit over the next few days. If you still have them, then immediately remove from the refrigerator so that the fruit can be kept fresh and more mature. If alpukatnya too ripe, it is better to immediately store in a kitchen bowl.

Likewise with watermelon. Fruits that contain high levels of water should not be stored in the refrigerator. Almost all people know that watermelon contains a large antioxidants, such as lycopene and zeaxanthin.

Store it in the refrigerator too long will destroy the contents. Because at least you could cut some parts and never store it in the fridge.

A number of other tropical fruits also should not put in the refrigerator. Such as pineapple, mango, kiwi and other tropical fruits has no good relations with the smell of cold.

Fruits have more love warm temperatures. Therefore, do not put them in the fridge unless you have been cut. This way, you will preserve all the nutrients and the fruit it will not stop the process of maturation.

In addition, also avoid storing basil leaves in the refrigerator. Storing basil leaves in the fridge is the largest food storage mistakes. Therefore, the storage in the fridge will make it always leaves wilted and looked dry. Therefore, basil leaves should be removed from the refrigerator. Then you can put it into a jar or glass filled with fresh water and save it on the window sill.

Onion and garlic also should not be stored in the refrigerator. garlic and onions will be fine though not stored in the refrigerator. Unfortunately, until now there are still people who put them in the container.

Onions can be kept fresh at least two months of storage outside the refrigerator. Only, you need to make sure storage is not in an airtight container and keep it away from potatoes.

Avoid These Foods, Skin Can Ruin You

Eating nutritious foods is helpful to treat the skin. In addition, food can also help overcome some of the problems such as acne, dry skin and dull.

However, it turns out you still have to be careful in choosing foods. Not all the food turned out good effect on the skin. There are some foods that actually cause problems to the skin. Here are foods that experts say can damage the skin.

1. Milk and other processed products

Research shows that milk and other derivatives are the cause of hormonal acne. According to Livestrong, many dairy cows are given hormones to increase their milk production throughout the year. By taking the milk from these cows, you're exposed to a smaller dose of the same hormones.

"Milk causes acne hormone surge. I encourage patients to drink almond milk, rice milk, coconut milk or hemp milk instead of cow's milk," said the researcher, Dr. Frank Lipman, as reported by the page Cheat Sheet.

2. Coffee

The coffee was very nice to wake up in the morning. Unfortunately, it can also cause acne. Yap Tan, founder of the San Francisco clinic acne say there is an organic acid in the beans that increases cortisol levels.

Cortisol is generally regarded as the stress hormone. Increased levels of these substances stimulate the sebaceous glands (oil glands) and other types of inflammation of the skin. While the coffee bean itself is a major problem in this case, any high caffeine intake can also increase cortisol levels.

In addition, coffee is a diuretic, which means that excessive consumption dehydrative it could pose a threat to your body. Be sure to drink plenty of water to keep the skin hydrated.

3. Fried foods

Heating food, especially meat at high temperatures can lead to a chemical reaction between fats and proteins. This reaction produces "advanced glycation end products" (AGE), which is associated with inflammation and lead to the appearance of the skin dull and wrinkled. The oxidized fats also contribute to heart disease and metabolic processes weaken.

These substances are typically found in baked or fried in oil at very high temperatures. Such as French fries, chips and fried chicken.

4. Sugar / simple carbohydrates

Sugar really cause acne, as pro-inflammatory. A person with acne prone skin should follow an anti-inflammatory diet. Excessive eating sweet foods can hurt the skin doubled. On the one hand, simple carbohydrates can throw insulin levels which causes inflammation of internal and external.

In addition, excess sugar weakens the immune system, lowers defenses against bacteria and cause an inflammatory condition. (Fny / JPNN)

Here's 5 Toxic Food You Eat Every Day

The food is delicious but poisonous not only found in puffer fish, but also some common foods consumed daily by the audience. Do not believe? Consider the evidence in the row below.

1. Potatoes

The content of toxins in potatoes is located in the shoots and leaves. However, some cases indicate the possibility of spreading poison on the tuber, which is when it was discovered beruam green area on the surface.

The green Rash contain high enough concentrations of the toxin that causes dizziness gycoalkaloid prolonged due to blockage of blood vessels to the brain.

If this happens to people who happened to be experiencing pain, although very rare, can mengakibatka coma resulting in death.

2. Tomatoes

Just like potato, tomato leaf buds and part load glycoalkaloid risky toxins trigger the symptoms of cramps and indigestion.

3. Apples

Belief, the apple seed turned out to contain toxic if consumed in excessive amounts. There are some people who often eat apples intact until the seeds, and maybe you've heard a few of them have symptoms of abdominal pain after eating.

The good news, the poison apple seeds not to cause death.

4. Cherry

Audiences often see him as decorations on cakes gorgeous. However, the usefulness of cherry was quite a lot, as can be pickled and even alcoholic drinks mixed materials.

Toxins in cherry lies in the seeds, which when accidentally chewed, it will bring prussic acid which can cause dizziness.

5. Almonds

Besides known as super bean that has abundant nutrition and delicious taste, it turns almonds are also at risk of storing toxins. All types of risk almond store cyanide in a different level, where the greatest content contained in bitter almonds.

Type of almonds is said to be the most delicious taste and is also very expensive precious. There is a fairly expensive process to make it free from cyanide poisoning, because if not, eat bitter almonds can cause death,


This Seven Feature category in Sex Addiction, Note Feature Number Six

SEX is included in the basic human needs.

However, when sexual desire is difficult to control, most likely it is a symptom of sex addiction.

Famous personalities who mentioned having hiperseks disorder is golfer Tiger Woods, who had a sex scandal with a woman.

Not easy to recognize sex addiction. In fact, most have looked normal behavior. Required in-depth examination by experts, namely a psychiatrist or psychologist to make sure.

However, there are certainly differences between sex drive is great with sex addiction.

Lisa Bahar, family and marriage therapist, said that sex addiction is characterized by

"Instability or the sense of anger and haste", compared with awareness of the needs of the couple.

According to Bahar, there are 7 signs of someone suffering from sex addiction:

1. Changes couple

There are people who do it quickly got a new partner after the end of a long relationship. But, if it becomes a habit, someone will have a great need received a sexual partner.

2. Often lie

Almost all addicts, whatever its form, is often trapped in a web of lies he created his own to cover the action. For sex addicts, he might be lying about the people he met. Moreover, their risk behavior will also be increased, for example to pay sex workers.

3. Spending incoherently

In addition to the lies coming out of his mouth, you might encounter evidence of spending money that is not clear.

4. You feel used

The sex is done every day or every other day is actually not a problem, as long as both parties feel satisfied. When you feel the couple always put their needs as the primary, even angry and aggressive if it is rejected, beware.

5. No matter security

In addition to viewing others as sex objects they instead partner for love, sex addicts will also put her libido as primary. Conditions that make them oblivious to reproductive health.

6. Frequent viewing of pornography and masturbation

Every relationship has a unique parameters for what is considered "normal" in terms of sex. Included in the affairs of masturbation and watching pornographic material.

However, if your partner looks do these activities several times a day, or shortly after sex, maybe there is a problem in sexual drive.

7. Sex disrupt life

Not all people who often think about sex an addict. However, people who hiperseks usually difficulty concentrating or doing activities harianya for his obsession for sex. (Kompas.com/Lusia Anna Kus, source: She Knows)

Do not Throw Orange Skin. 4 Benefits Go Here It

Few people know the benefits of orange peel. When eating citrus fruits, in general, everyone will immediately throw away the skin for granted. Without realizing you've wasted too much of the vitamin from citrus fruits.

You need to know the orange peel is rich in fruit acids and vitamin C. Orange peel even contain more phytonutrients and flavonoids from citrus fruit pulp. Reporting from lifehack.com on Monday (09/05/2016) here are 4 benefits of orange peel that you never knew existed.

1. Addressing the Signs of Aging

Orange peel is rich in antioxidants that can fight free radicals and tackle wrinkles. Orange peel is also useful as a facial toner which was very nice. How to make, mix 1 tablespoon of powdered orange peel, honey and oatmeal taste. Mix well and apply evenly on your face. Leave for 30 minutes then rinse with cold water.

2. Whiten Teeth

Upset with the yellow color of the teeth? Using orange peel is the right answer. Orange peel contains a compound called d-limonene, which can help reduce the yellowing of the teeth caused by many things. Rub the inside of an orange peel on your teeth for 2-3 minutes, then rinse. Do this routine twice a day, then your teeth will re-white.

3. Reduce Weight

Vitamin C has been shown to help people lose weight. In the process of your diet, replace the coffee or soda you eat often with orange peel tea. Drain some organic orange peel, in a cool, dry place. Put 1 tablespoon of dried bark in 1 cup of hot water. Glass lid and let stand for 10 minutes. Discard the skin and add a few tablespoons of honey. Drink 2 cups of tea per day on a regular basis.

4. Lowering Cholesterol

Orange peel can reduce high cholesterol in your body. Everyone knows that high cholesterol can increase the risk of heart disease. The content of pectin in the orange peel helps reduce cholesterol, and high blood pressure. All you have to do is drink tea orange skin twice daily.

(Dearni Grasia)

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